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new and used truck tires


Highway drive radial optimized for long mileage and even wear.
Features & Benefits
• Deep 28/32nds tread to promote long tread life.
• Aggressive tread design to help deliver high traction.
• V-shape groove design to help improve self-cleaning of the tread surface.
• All-steel construction for excellent retreadability.

ST 244

• Goes the Distance
Seriously long-lasting tire
Unique decoupling grooves, miniature sipes, and tread compounds help fight irregular wear and gain long tread life.
Benefit: Max Fuel Efficiency
• Max Fuel Efficiency
Fewer stops at the pump
Tread compound designed to lower rolling resistance and thereby decrease fuel needs.


• Long Haul Drive Tire

This solid shoulder drive tire pattern delivers strong performance in a variety of applications and features a tread cap with a balance of high mileage and cut/chip resistant properties.

S 371

Features & Benefits
• Unique stone ejection system reduces stone retention
• Tread compound specially formulated to provide high mileage for on-highway driving and resists cuts and tears in off-road use
• Smart Way™ verified low rolling resistance
• Applications: Regional hauling, on/off highway, allposition service.

FS 591

An on-highway all-position radial tire recommended for steering applications in long-haul and regional service.
Using the latest technological advancements to achieve increased removal mileage and EPA SmartWay® verified and CARB-compliant fuel efficiency, the Firestone FS591 helps deliver the performance demanded by fleets. This on-highway all-position radial tire, designed for the steer position, features an innovative sidewall design that reduces overall weight without sacrificing durability.

S 371

The Continental HSR1 is a Heavy Steer Regional tire.

• Deep cut and chip resistant tread for long tread life in on/off-road conditions.
• Pyramidal stone ejectors in all tread grooves to stop stone retention for long casing life.
• Robust shoulder rib for long tread life in high scrub applications.
• Visual alignment indicators (VAI) alert users to tire tracking problems.

M 726

Designed to be retreaded again and again, with a wide base and durable casing for tough trucking. New drive radials built for tractors, routes and fleets.
• Mega-deep tread
• Wider and tougher to last longer
• Computer-designed all-steel casing
• Proven twin-layer cap/base tread

RY 617

The Yokohama RY617™ delivers wet traction and amazing durability with a five-rib tread design and stone ejectors for impressive performance and tread life.