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At JB Tire Center, our friendly, knowledgeable staff of dependable service professionals, and affordable prices all come together to make driving out on a new set of tires easy and stress free. Stop by and see us for friendly service you can trust!


Gifts for Truck Lovers


We all have them on our gift shopping lists — those car-crazy people who live and breathe their trucks. We must buy gifts for them for their birthdays, Christmas, and other pertinent occasions. What we will buy and not if we will buy is the question. So here are a few suggestions:

1. Radar detector:

Those who love their trucks also usually like to push the envelope, so to speak; so a radar detector can save tons of money. You will need to shop for a radar detector that promises not to send out a lot of false alarms.

2. Driving gloves:

The idea of driving gloves is to help a driver grip a freezing cold steering wheel. Style doesn’t count nearly as much as fit. A good fit is absolutely vital.

3. Snow tires:

Okay, so snow tires aren’t very romantic, but they just might be the gift that saves a life. There are a lot of options for snow tires so we recommend that you give a gift certificate rather than the actual tires.

4. Books about trucks:

Your truck-loving friend or relative will enjoy reading about the history of the development of the truck of his or her dreams, and there are thousands of books about trucks to choose from.

5. Detailed models of a truck:

You can find a model of almost any car or truck ever made. The more detail there is on the model, the more expensive it will be, so there is a wide price range for gift choices here.

6. High-quality sunglasses:

There are a ton of high-quality sunglasses out there to choose from, and for those who love to drive, a good pair of sunglasses is a must-have.

7. A cordless headset:

A headset lets the driver talk on his or her cell phone while driving with both hands on the wheel. Again, there is a wide price range of cordless headsets available on the market.