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Choosing a Car Navigation System


Photo Credit: On Pexels. CC0 License

Remember road maps? Remember trying to refold a road map? Road maps are quickly becoming obsolete. We won’t have to worry about trying to refold those things much longer. Most new cars today come with built-in navigation systems, and people are buying navigation systems for older models. The problem is, if you buy a navigation system that is too difficult to operate, you’re going to spend more time fiddling with the navigation system than driving.

What you really want is a user-friendly navigation system. One that was simply intended to help you get from point A to point B, and not built to impress the engineers in your circle of friends. You want to buy a navigation system that has a screen that is large enough to see and you want to buy one that you can understand.

Look for a car navigation system that displays detailed directions. You also want a navigation system that keeps up with changes that are made to roads and the road construction projects that are in progress.

Usually the very best and the easiest-to-use navigation systems have a monthly or an annual fee that you must pay for the service. Actually, I would not recommend one that does not have a fee attached. The information will not be current…you can bet on it.

A voice direction feature is well worth the added cost. Sometimes trying to read a screen in bright sunlight can be difficult.

Everybody doesn’t really need a navigation system. If you only need directions occasionally, you might find it less expensive just to get driving directions through you cell phone. There is always a charge for the service, but if you don’t drive a lot, it will be cheaper than buying a navigation system and paying the annual or monthly fee.

Car and Truck Paint Care


Photo by frankie cordoba on Unsplash.License

When you buy a new car, the paint is beautiful and perfect, no matter what the color is. The original color of cars does fade over time, and the inevitable scratches are going to happen no matter how hard you try to prevent them. That is sad, but true. However, there are some basic things that you can do that will help to prevent the paint from fading, as well as to repair the small scratches and dings yourself. It is amazing how much just a little basic care can prolong the life of your car’s finish.

Washing and waxing: Adhering to a schedule for washing and waxing your car can add years of life to the finish. All cars should be thoroughly washed at least once each week. Removing the dust and dirt that accumulates makes your car look shiny and new but just washing isn’t enough. A good coat of wax needs to be applied on a regular basis and according to the wax manufacturer’s directions. The car should be thoroughly washed and dried before wax is applied. Automotive waxes can be purchased in both liquid and paste forms.

Detailing clay: Just washing and waxing your car won’t remove all of the dirt. There will still be embedded particles in the paint. These can be fairly easily removed by using a detailing clay bar. Detailing clay is usually sold as part of a set that includes a lubricant. Carefully read and follow the directions for using these products that will be included in or on the packaging.

Using touch-up paint: Yes, you can touch up the paint on your car yourself, but you must be patient. Touching up paint is a process rather than a single event. The first thing that you need to do is to buy the right touch-up paint or touch-up paint kit for your car. An automotive paint store can help you determine which touch-up paint or kit that you need. Then it is vital that you very carefully read and follow the directions.