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Auto and Truck Financing


A typical scenario is that an individual who is shopping for either a new or used car or truck goes to a local dealer, finds the vehicle he or she desires, and then just signs on the dotted line of a finance agreement provided and recommended by the car dealership. Back up the truck! The odds are that the buyer is not getting the best or the cheapest loan available.

It is a pretty good bet that the dealership is going to get a “referral fee” when you finance your car or truck through their recommended lender. Want to guess who ends up paying that referral fee? Now, this isn’t always the case.

Some of the best loans are offered through some dealerships, but that isn’t always true, and you need to know which is which before you sign your name.

Comparison shopping includes shopping for loans — all kinds of loans. You do not have to take the loan that is recommended by a seller of anything…ever. You always have the right to arrange your own financing.

It is easy, in the heat and excitement of the moment when you are buying a car or truck, just to take what is offered; but you do need to remember that the man or woman who has just sold you the car or truck of your dreams is first and foremost a salesperson.

Their objective is to sell to you. First they sell the vehicle, and then they sell the financing for that vehicle.

The best advice is this: Before you go shopping for that car or truck, arrange the best loan that you can find for yourself. Until you sign your name on a dotted line, you are not obligated to take any loan so if the car dealership makes you a better offer, you can still take that deal.